Human Character Creation

Humans (100 pts)

Humans are unaltered, and (mostly) unmutated examples of the species Homo Sapiens. Still by far the most common intelligent species on the post apocalyptic Earth.

Cost: Being a human gives no bonuses or penalties, and thus costs no points.

Free Skills: Area Knowledge (@ IQ; Home city or area), Native Language (Spoken) (English). Literacy is rare, unless the character comes from a Vault, the Brotherhood of Steel or the Enclave.

Attributes: All average at 10 and have an upper level of 16, but may be purchased to a maximum of 20 with GM permission. Note that secondary characteristics such as Perception and Willpower also max out at a total level of 20 for humans.

Ranges: Attributes of 8-12 are normal, 13 is exceptional, 14 is very good, 15+ is awesome. Anything 14+ will be impressive and immediately obvious.

Traits: A human character may take maximum of two Advantage/Disadvantage packages which replace S.P.E.C.I.A.L. systems traits in GURPS. These can be taken in addition to normal Advantages/Disadvantages. These are free; adjust your CP total accordingly.

To add these to a character sheet, add the appropriate stats and then create a new quirk with the trait’s name and description.

Light Frame [+5]
DX +1. ST is considered 1 less for the purposes of encumbrance and Basic Lift.

Heavy Frame [+0]
ST 1, Lifting ST +1, DX -1.
*Kamikaze [
Combat Reflexes, On The Edge (-12).

Bruiser [+8]
DR+2 (Crushing damage only), HP +4, ST +2, DX-1

One Hander [+5]
Using primary arm only +2 DX, using secondary arm only -1 DX, using both arms -1 DX.

Strong Immune System [+2] (Prerequisite HT11+)
Immune to Disease, Fit, Weakness (Cyber Rejection), Sterile.

Radiation Resistant [+2]
Resistant (Radiation; HT+3), Doubled rad recovery rate.

Bloody Mess [+0
Frighteningly Gruesome Deaths for all kills. (Everyone who witnesses the character killing a living being larger than a rat must roll a fright check, including the character himself.)

Sex Appeal Talent [+5]
Beautiful/Handsome, Sex Appeal skill bonus +3, Enemy: Slavers.

Good Natured [+5]
IQ+1, Sensitive, Charitable, Versatile.

Alert [+5]
Hearing +5, Light Sleeper.

Night Person [+0]
Night Vision 9, -5 to Perception in bright daylight.

Heavy Handed [+0]
Unarmed Damage +1, DR +1 (Hands only), Ham-Fisted 1

Trigger Happy [+10 or +5]
Combat Reflexes, Automatic Reflexes L1 or L2 (L1 allows for a Will roll to resist any inappropriate instinctive actions, L2 does not.)

Feral Kid [-1]
Animal Empathy; Animal Friend 4; Low TL 5 (TL 0); You start the game with no language skills (though languages may be learned normally later).
*Red Scare [+5]

Combat Reflexes; Paranoia.

Good job, Meatsack. Let’s see what else you’re good at.

Human Character Creation

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