Super Mutant Character Creation

Super Mutants (125 pts)

Super Mutants are gigantic gray or green skinned humanoid creatures who once were humans. They were created when an entity called ‘the Master’ dipped large amounts of humans in huge vats of glowing green fluid (modified version of the FEV virus), in an attempt to create a new dominant species – an army of Super Mutants – to replace humanity. The Vault Dweller destroyed the vats and killed the Master, after which the remnants of the Super Mutant army split up and went their separate ways.

Free Skills: Language (Native); Area Knowledge (at IQ; Home City). Few Super Mutants are literate.

Attribute Adjustment:
+3 ST 30
+1 HT 10
-1 DX [-20]
-2 IQ [-40]

Secondary Characteristic Adjustment:
Per 1 5
6 12
Basic Move +1 5
SM +1 (2.4-3.4 yards tall, 300-800 Lbs weight) 0

Racial Advantages:
DR 1 (Tough Skin -40%) 3
High Pain Threshold 10
Lifting ST 2 6
Unaging 15
Rapid Healing 5
Resistance (Radiation; HT+8) 5
Resistance (Poison; HT+3) 5
Resistance (Disease; HT+3) 3
Very Fit 15

Racial Disadvantages:
Appearance -2 (Ugly) [-8]
Bad Grip 1 [-5]** (See note)
Ham-Fisted 1 [-5]
Overconfidence (-12) [-5]
Racial Reputation (Murderous mutant; -2 Reaction; Almost everyone; All the time) [-10] Social Stigma -3 (Mutant) [-15]
Note: Bad Grip disadvantage in this case gives penalties on using ordinary human sized firearms and equipment, except for larger stuff like light or medium machineguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers or heavy energy weapons.

Racially Learned Skills and Skill Bonuses (Choose one of the following):
A.) Gunner (Machinegun), Guns (Hvy. Weapons; choose specialty), OR
B.) Liquid Projector (Flamethrower) (DX/E) DX+2 4.

Misc. Features/Taboos: Sterile 0.

Traits: Super Mutant characters may take maximum of two Advantage/Disadvantage packages which replace S.P.E.C.I.A.L. systems traits in GURPS. These can be taken in addition to normal Advantages/Disadvantages. These are free; adjust your CP total accordingly.
To add these to a character sheet, add the appropriate stats and then create a new quirk with the trait’s name and description.

Vat Skin [+10]
DR +6 (Tough Skin -40%), Bad Smell, Extra HP +4.

Radiation Immunity [+5]
Immunity (Radiation).

Alert [+5]
Acute Hearing +5, Light Sleeper.

Hammerfist [+5]
Striking ST 2 (Both arms), Unarmed DMG2, DR +1 (Hands only), Bad Grip 2.

Triggerhappy [+10 or +5]
Combat Reflexes, Automatic Reflexes L1 or L2 (L1 allows for a Will roll to resist any inappropriate instinctive actions, L2 does not.)

Super Berserker [+15]
Hyper-Strength (ST+3; costs 1 FP per second), Berserker (-12).

Tough Customer [+5]
DR +4 (Tough Skin -40%), HP +4, Bad Temper (-12).

Bruiser [+8]
DR+2 (Crushing damage only), HP+4, ST+2, DX-1.

Kamikaze [+0]
Combat Reflexes, On The Edge (-12).

One Hander [+5]
Using primary arm only +2 DX, using secondary arm only -1 DX, using both arms -1 DX.

Bloody Mess [+0]
Frighteningly Gruesome Deaths for all kills. (Everyone who witnesses the character killing a living being larger than a rat must roll a fright check, including the character himself.)

Good Natured [+5]
IQ+1, Sensitive, Charitable, Versatile.

Night Person [+0]
Night Vision 9, -5 to Perception in bright daylight.

Fast Shot [+0]
No called shots, Semi-auto ROF is at +(DX/8) (Does not affect melee or unarmed attacks).

Red Scare [+5]
Combat Reflexes, Paranoia.

Super Mutant Character Creation

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